Nemesis Pole Move: Basic Invert

When I first started pole-ing, everything seemed impossible. There were women in my basic pole class that were climbing to the top of the pole and hanging upside down from one leg… before the warm-up started.  I was struggling with a simple fireman spin.  But, a little more than a year later, I can now do all the basic spins and many intermediate spins.  I can hold myself up on the spinny pole, whereas I couldn’t even attempt it before.  I can climb to the top of the pole with confidence and do a plank layback.  I can dismount the pole and land with confidence every time in 7″ platform heels.  I have to look back and reflect on how far I have come when I’m feeling frustrated with a new move.  Right now that move is the basic invert.

I can tuck my legs up and do pole crunches.  I can do all the invert prep exercises.  I can invert with a spotter.  My instructors tell me I am so_close to inverting on my own.  Yet… I can’t quite get my head back behind me and my hips up and to the pole.  I know some of it is mental.  I have always had a fear of being upside down or falling on my head.  I think it is a natural fear, but then there are seemingly many people who don’t have this fear.  I have even visited a hypnotist to address this obstacle; he said I might have fallen as a child and either frightened myself or a caretaker, and I don’t remember it.  By the way, hypnosis didn’t help me with this particular challenge.

I have gained so much strength and confidence from doing pole.  One difference really strikes me — now I can see a way forward, or a progression, even into the hardest moves.  Tricks that seemed impossible before, I now see broken down into a series of steps, each building on the last.  My view of not just pole, but everything, is more positive.  I know that that one day my first unassisted invert just going to happen.  This was how climbing went.  For what seemed like the longest time, I could only climb once.  Then one evening, totally unexpected, I climbed to the top of the pole.

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